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□netperf でネットワークの性能測定


tar xvzf package/netperf-2.4.4.tar.gz
cd netperf-2.4.4/
./configure –prefix=/usr
make check
make install

とすると netserver と netperf ができる。

の性能試験に… なるかな?)、例えばポート番号 10000 を使うなら

> # netserver -p 10000 &
> Starting netserver at port 10000
> Starting netserver at hostname port 10000 and family AF_UNSPEC


netperf -p 10000 -H localhost


> TCP STREAM TEST from ( port 0 AF_INET to localhost ( port 0 AF_INET
> Recv?? Send??? Send
> Socket Socket? Message? Elapsed
> Size?? Size??? Size???? Time???? Throughput
> bytes? bytes?? bytes??? secs.??? 10^6bits/sec
>? 87380? 16384? 16384??? 10.00??? 1568.44


netperf にはいろんなオプションがあるので、パケットサイズなどを

> Usage: netperf [global options] — [test options]
> Global options:
>???? -a send,recv????? Set the local send,recv buffer alignment
>???? -A send,recv????? Set the remote send,recv buffer alignment
>???? -c [cpu_rate]???? Report local CPU usage
>???? -C [cpu_rate]???? Report remote CPU usage
>???? -d??????????????? Increase debugging output
>???? -D [secs,units] * Display interim results at least every secs seconds
>?????????????????????? using units as the initial guess for units per second
>???? -f G|M|K|g|m|k??? Set the output units
>???? -F fill_file????? Pre-fill buffers with data from fill_file
>???? -h??????????????? Display this text
>???? -H name|ip,fam *? Specify the target machine and/or local ip and family
>???? -i max,min??????? Specify the max and min number of iterations (15,1)
>???? -I lvl[,intvl]??? Specify confidence level (95 or 99) (99)
>?????????????????????? and confidence interval in percentage (10)
>???? -l testlen??????? Specify test duration (>0 secs) (<0 bytes|trans)
>???? -L name|ip,fam *? Specify the local ip|name and address family
>???? -o send,recv????? Set the local send,recv buffer offsets
>???? -O send,recv????? Set the remote send,recv buffer offset
>???? -n numcpu???????? Set the number of processors for CPU util
>???? -p port,lport*??? Specify netserver port number and/or local port
>???? -P 0|1??????????? Don’t/Do display test headers
>???? -t testname?????? Specify test to perform
>???? -T lcpu,rcpu????? Request netperf/netserver be bound to local/remote cpu
>???? -v verbosity????? Specify the verbosity level
>???? -W send,recv????? Set the number of send,recv buffers

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